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Preserving Family History


Over the last twelve years, Jodie has made over 14 photo albums for me, including a set of albums for my children, chronicling their life from birth through high school. I displayed these at their graduation parties, which was a highlight for so many people. I’ve also ordered a few albums to document our honeymoon and other travels. In addition to scrapbooking the life of my immediate family, Jodie has also helped me preserved my family’s history. She made two albums, to help me preserve pictures of my grandmother dating from the early 1900s. Next, we are starting an album documenting my father's service in the Korean War. 

Jodie always gives me her undivided attention while planning my albums. When I felt unsure of my choices, she was an excellent consultant and guided me through the process. I might have picked out the colors, but I left the creativity to her. One memory that stands out is when my mother presented me with two old albums of fading pictures of my grandmother. My heart was so touched, but the deterioration was obvious. I entrusted Jodie with these pictures, and she made the years of my grandmother's life into a real treasure that will last a lifetime. 

The greatest joy is always seeing the completed albums. Jodie has a wonderful talent for space, design, and color choices. Aside from being beautiful, the albums are very durable, and the best part is knowing that my pictures are protected by all acid-free products. 


The photo albums bring joy to my family and myself. Our children were so proud to display their albums at graduation, and even after college, they still enjoy the reminiscing that comes with bringing out an album. The travel albums have also become a wonderful way to revisit different times throughout our years of marriage. A particularly special moment for me was gifting my in-laws a wedding album that I had Jodie make after finding pictures from their special day in the basement. It brought tears to my father-in-law’s eyes to see his wife, in her 8th year of dementia, look through the album and know who all of the people were in the pictures, including him.


For me, nothing replaces the moment when I can sit down with a loved one and share a bit of our history, held inside one of these photo albums. It's [Looking at these albums is] a time that my family and I can spend together, without the distraction of electronics. Jodie did me the honor of giving me these priceless moments.


Jane R.

Plymouth, Minnesota   


Scrapbooks for reminiscing

Jodie has made several scrapbooks for our family over the years, each of them unique and incredibly meaningful. Some are books she made each year to document the summers we spent at a family camp. We'd take them back to camp with us the following summer to reminisce over with friends. The others are for our two older children, which we gave them as high school graduation gifts. They are massive books full of photos and documents from their entire lives and are priceless. Neither of the kids knew what would be included, and watching them look through Jodie's beautiful books for the first time was really moving. She does an incredible job.


Working with Jodie is also a pleasure, as she is incredibly organized and so good at being proactive schedule-wise. She knew when our kids were graduating and started asking me for photos and information months in advance, which helped me do little bits at a time rather than rush at the end. She would check in and show me pages as she progressed, asking if I had more photos of a certain event, or if I wanted to organize the sections differently. Jodie is so friendly and easy to work with. She has a vision for what she wants her work to be, and she takes pride in the meticulous work she does. 


As for the final product, they're all incredible! Each one has its own look and theme, with unique touches like quotes or decorative accents that are perfect. These books are not something just anyone can create. They are extremely professional, yet so fun to look at over and over again. These books will be passed down through our family for generations. I can't really quantify the significance in words. There's just nothing like having our family memories accessible in a way we can all share them at the same time. At birthday parties or other gatherings, we pull out the books and laugh and cry and remember people and places we had forgotten. As I said earlier, these books are priceless and mean so much in this format. Jodie's work is a gift to our family! You should not hesitate to work with her and have her document your history. And now I'd better start sending her some more photos... our youngest daughter graduates in 2 years :)


Linda M.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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