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You capture memories of your life everyday through your photographs, but the final result is that these memories are hidden away, either printed photographs stacked up in your closet, or in a folder on your phone interspersed with less-meaningful screenshots or selfies.

If you’re short on time or creative energy, I can help you create beautiful, personalized albums to record the stories behind the photos.

We offer three types of services - traditional albums, digital albums and photo organizing.

Traditional Albums

For a traditional album, you send me your printed pictures and other mementos. I arrange your materials in a physical album along with embellishments such as stickers and colored paper. If desired, I can include journaling sections on certain pages for you to write down your memories. I always use acid-free, lignin-free products to protect your photos and ensure they will last in the album for generations to come.

Traditional albums are a wonderful choice for high-quality physical albums, especially if you have stacks of physical photos to use.

Digital Albums

I can also create digital albums that can be professionally printed into a book format. For these albums, you will send me either physical  photos and mementos (I have a high-quality scanner to create digital copies), or digital photos. If you send paper copies, they will be returned to you once they have been scanned into your album. You can choose to order additional paper copies of your digital album, which make digital albums a great choice if you want to gift the same album to multiple family members or friends.

Photo Organizing

If you have piles and piles of photos, it's possible you're overwhelmed and can't even begin to think about a completed scrapbook project. We can help organize your photo collection in a manner that will allow you to determine if you'd like to move forward and have us create a scrapbook for you. We can also assist with organizing your digital photos in a system that will allow you to access them more easily.


Traditional Albums

$18 / single-sided page for 4-19 pages

$15 / single-sided page for 20+ pages

Digital Albums

Creative preparation: $40/hour

Album printing: Depends on physical dimensions and number of pages of completed book.


Due to the many variations that occur with a digital album project, digital albums are priced on an hourly basis. I offer scanning, scan editing and organizational services in addition to the creative aspect of creating the actual album.

Photo Organizing 

Provided at $40/hour

Scrapbook prices include:

  1. A one-hour consultation to determine your theme, timeframe, stylistic preferences, and format (digital vs. traditional). The consultation is non-binding, and I will provide you with a price estimate afterwards.

  2. If needed, organizational tools to help you sort your photos can be supplied.

  3. For traditional albums, all stickers, embellishments, and paper used to construct your album.

  4. For digital albums, digital copies of any scanned images, as well as a pdf of your completed project.


Additional costs:

  1. Consultations or organizational time beyond the initial one-hour consult. This time will be billed hourly at $40/hour.

  2. Traditional album pricing does not include scrapbooking album or page protectors - typically, cost for these items are about $60 for a typical 16-page album (32 sides). I recommend the Creative Memories brand, and, if desired, can provide materials through them at retail cost.

  3. Digital creative pricing does not include the physical printing of a completed book. Pricing varies depending on physical dimensions of the book as well as the number of pages. In your consultation, we can discuss the printing process for your album.

  4. Shipping charges.

  5. Any applicable sales tax.



  1. All prices for traditional albums assume 12x12 pages. We can adjust prices if you'd like your album to be a different size.

  2. There is a minimum order of 4 pages.

  3. We offer discounts for referrals.

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