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Custom scrapbooks for every occasion

Preserve your family's most cherished memories in a tangible, hand-crafted album.

My Story

I'm Jodie, your personal scrapbooker

I love helping people organize and document important milestones, including weddings, special vacations, births, graduations, and even memorials of lives well lived. Pet scrapbooks and family history books are also common requests. I create both traditional scrapbook albums and digital scrapbooks that can be professionally printed into beautiful books. 


Many people desire nice scrapbooks to preserve their memories and photos, but fewer people have the time, energy and skills to complete the books. That's where I come in. I'll help you organize and curate the the photos you've printed or collected on your computer and smartphone, and then I'll use them to create a beautiful personalized scrapbook.

Sample Pages


For me, nothing replaces the moment when I can sit down with a loved one and share a bit of our history, held inside one of the photo albums Jodie created. Looking at these albums is a time that my family and I can spend together. Jodie did me the honor of giving me these priceless moments.

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Jane R.

Each scrapbook has its own look and theme, with unique touches like quotes or decorative accents that are perfect. These books are not something just anyone can create. They are extremely professional, yet so fun to look at over and over again. These books will be passed down through our family for generations.

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Linda M.

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